This was only a four hour shooting day, beginning this afternoon at 4pm.  The crew and cast needed a break.  The heat is zapping all of us.  I even took myself to a movie this afternoon to get my mind off the film at hand and to sit in a dark, cool place watching a quiet drama. (SARAH’S KEY.  It was okay.)

We shot the final scene of the movie at Stompin Ground’s Coffee House in south Austin.  Check out the incredible outfit on Shannon Lark.  She was getting whistles from guys driving down the street.

Then we moved to a private residence and shot a military raid scene that takes place in the middle of the film.

We’re still behind with the missing scene from yesterday, and a couple of small scenes that I’ve dropped from earlier shoot days.  I think we’ll be able to pick it all up, but it will require some longer days in the coming week.

Tomorrow we film inside a local thrift store.  Monday is off (after an 8 day stretch), and then we have four more days to finish the movie.

It’s looking good.  It’s coming together.  I have fewer and fewer pages in my notebook left to film. We’re entering the home stretch.

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