We are still alive.

No one drowned.

The dangers of filming

However, Aaron jumped into the river and landed on a rock.  I tripped over some roots and ripped my foot and both legs open.  Sexy……

Shannon was unscathed.

We lost our light (the sun went down) and didn’t get all the shots I wanted yesterday.  I’ve got emails out to the cast and crew this morning to see if they are available to shoot earlier today to return to the water, and then continue to the barn tonight for the regularly scheduled shoot.

Jake Jecmenec and his buddy Timothy Charles Aultfather were very convincing police officers in the scene last night.  Someone asked me why the police were patrolling our shoot.  So they even fooled the rest of the cast.

Harold came down for the shoot, but we never got to his scene.  If the cast and crew are available earlier today, and Harold agrees, we’ll get him in the river today.

Dusty ran all the footage for me last night at hyper speed.  It all looks really great.  We’re getting good coverage, and the acting is intense.  The challenge will be to pick up what I’ve missed or put off from the past several days.   We could do it tomorrow, but there will be a lot of people on the lake on a Saturday and it would be easier if we can shoot today.

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