Today is the midpoint of the film shoot.  You can tell by the way I look, sitting here at Genuine Joe’s with bed hair, unshaven, scraggly beard, and wrinkled t-shirt.  If we were lovers, you’d think it was adorable. If you were a coffee house patron you’d wonder when management is going to throw out the homeless person.

Last night’s shoot was awesome.  Dusty got some very exciting shots of the soldiers storming the house.  And the soldiers were really great–they jumped on it and took my meager directions all the way.   It was definitely one of those moments when good casting results in the actors doing all the work and the director merely watching it unfold.

A special note of thanks to Jake Jecmenek who arrived with a black spook car, military tool belt, and combat training.  He’ll be back tonight to be on camera chasing fugitives into the river.

Shannon and Aaron continue to smoulder on camera.  Today’s shoot will be in the oppressive heat, and our heroes have 10 pages of dialogue to cover.  I’m icing down the water bottles already.

Harold, the mouse, makes an appearance in the scenes today as well.  He’s turning out to be quite the escape artist.  We’ll see if Harold Houdini comes back to the studio tonight at the end of the shoot…

Two notes:

  • We need a two bedroom (furnished) apartment for filming next Tuesday and Wednesday, August 23-24.
  • I’m over budget. Okay, well, considering how much less I’ve spent than previous movies and how extraordinarily little we’ve spent compared to the original budget, we’re doing great. But the cash on hand (and my available credit) isn’t going to make it to the end of the shoot in eight days.  Please talk to your sci-fi friends and see if they want a first release dvd.  OR they could still name a character this week.  Or spend a day with me talking about their next film project.  Or we could all go to Schlitterbahn!  The possibilities are nearly endless.

One comment

  1. I’m glad you mentioned Jake Jecmenek. He helped out Bill & Alexander Shumake on “Killer School Girls From Outer Space”. I need to network with him on Facebook. I’m glad your having fun!

    TAKE CARE! Dan

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