Day Six officially starts this afternoon, though I’ll be running around Austin during the morning to find locations and a small aquarium.

Two actresses scheduled to film today are sick and injured.  I was able to cast other actresses to cover the roles and we have everyone and everything we need for today’s shoot.  Tomorrow is another matter.

We still need a vacant house for Wednesday night’s shoot.  I’m considering all kinds of other locations.  The good thing about being the writer/director/producer is that I can make changes instantly to adapt to the circumstances.

We had a bit of an issue with an actor working on this project.  Harold escaped his cage last night.  I don’t usually keep my talent locked up, but Harold is ADD and not necessarily reliable.  If we don’t keep him caged, he may not be there when we need him.

Becky got back from the shoot last night (Harold had the day off) and discovered he was scampering around outside his cage.  She put him in a box for the night.  I’m getting an aquarium this morning.   The other actors don’t require caging.  If that changes, I’ll let you know.

Filming at the coffee house this afternoon.  On the street tonight.


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