Last night we shot the office scenes that take place in Washington, DC.  Diane Bernard made available her executive suites in Bee Cave which was the perfect look for GOLIAD UPRISING.

We arrived on location on time, and the actors arrived surprisingly an hour early. I wasn’t ready that soon.   We stayed on schedule through the night (despite my constant teasing about being behind) and finished at midnight.

The big budget version of the  script included a scene in the back of a limo.  We tried various strings but couldn’t pull one that wod let us borrow a limo for 20 minutes.  The back of my rental car looks good enough, and in the edit of the movie I’ll cut-in a stock film shot a limousine driving down the street.  Ahh, the magic of movies.

Today is scheduled off from filming.  We’re about to begin an 8 day stretch and I need this day to get everything organized.  I’m still looking for an empty house (something for sale would be great) that we can film Wednesday, Aug 17 in the afternoon and evening.    We also need a two bedroom apartment on August 24-25.   If you can offer the space that would great!

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