The Final Countdown Before GOLIAD UPRISING

Not to be confused with the rioting in London, GOLIAD UPRISING is not about looting and destroying. It is about standing up for what we believe to be our right to freedom of speech and expression and stopping the mass media from manipulating the facts to influence how we live our lives.

Tomorrow is the first day of filming.

Overnight we received two incredible donations from Steve and Stephen that put the production on solid financial footing. I was sweating it. I feared rolling into this project and running out of cash before we finished.  Those fears are assuaged for the moment by two incredible men who nearly doubled our funding.

This is not to say that I have enough money in hand to make this movie.  It does mean I can pay cash for what must be paid in cash.  I’m still borrowing from the bank of plastic until more donations are made.

Making a good, professional looking feature film for $4400 is just not realistic. I know that, and that’s why we’ll still need some funding help.

Today Beckie the costumer flies in from Indiana.  Chris will be working on props. I’m still securing a location for our first day of filming tomorrow. (We have most of the other locations for the shoot–just not the first day’s.)

Dusty, the cinematographer, and I sat down yesterday and planned the cinemagraphic look and feel for the film.

We’re so close to ready to go.   Just a lot of last minute details.

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