Three Days to the GOLIAD UPRISING

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve already had my banana/strawberry smoothie at Genuine Joe’s coffee house.  Checked all the emails and Facebook.

Right now I’m still looking for two locations we need this week: A small auditorium with a speaker’s podium for Wednesday afternoon, and an executive office for Thursday evening.

Yesterday and today are really just one long day for me:  Peggy Mae Binn’s train from Fort Worth was delayed nine hours.  She arrived in Austin at 3:30am.  I stayed up to pick her up and then delivered her safely to a relative’s house.  After that I got a quick nap in the rental car and have now started the day.  Tonight will be a long, needed snooze.

This afternoon at 3pm will be the Austin showing of ABRUPT DECISION at Salvage Vanguard Theater.   It’s sold out.  Almost the entire cast will be in attendance.   I’m looking forward to showing everyone their work in the film! ABRUPT DECISION releases in the US from Water Bearer Films, Pro-Fun in Germany and Optimale in France next month.


By the way, GOLIAD UPRISING is seriously short of cash we must have by August 15th. You can join the uprising and keep us rolling at!

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