Four Days till a New World Order

Okay, not really.  But thank you, Dan Murphy, for suggesting that on Facebook.  We do start filming in four days.

I’m in Austin. Took the city bus to get a cheaper car rental.  Found some costumes. Already met for an hour with Aaron Weisinger, our leading actor in GOLIAD UPRISING.   We talked about the message of the film, the reason I’m making this film, his character, and the feel and tone of  how I run a film set.  He left excited, and went back home to study his script.

In an hour I’m meeting with Chris Ritecz to go through the prop list and see where we stand and what we need.

Tomorrow will be a day for scouting locations.  And tonight I want to email costume information to the cast.

A good day. A hot day. This is Austin, after all.  Tomorrow I figure out where we’re going to do all this.

By the way, we still need some bucks to be able to finish in three weeks. Don’t think of it as charity, think of it as enabling a noble cause.

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  1. Thanks for the mention in the blog Paul. I’m glad everything is coming together. Please give me a call if you need a ride. I’ll be at the “Abrupt Decision” showing Sunday at the Salvage Vanguard Theater at 7PM. How’s that for promotion! TAKE CARE! Dan

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