Five Days Before the Goliad Uprising

I get on the plane this morning for Austin.   I’m leaving behind my computer and printer, my bed, my bathtub and my goldfish to start a bigger adventure than I originally imagined.

We begin filming Goliad Uprising on Wednesday.  The film is cast.  The crew is ready.  We have almost all the equipment, some of the props and some of the costumes.  We still need some locations and I’m still uncertain where I’ll be sleeping tonight.

But there are 62 actors with speaking roles ready to make this movie and we’re plowing ahead.  As my crew will tell you, my motto is ‘Damn the torpedoes; full speed ahead.’

We’re going to do some really cool and different things with the way we film this movie. I’ve got some great shots planned and the script is tight.  This movie is going to moooove!

What we need is a bit more financial help.  We’ve done extremely well raising over $2400 in two weeks!  I mean, that’s really great!!  It’s enough to get started and that’s what we’re doing.  It’s not enough to take us through to the end of the shoot.  Please keep us rolling by making a donation.  It’s tax deductible and I’m offering you goodies that I think you’ll love in addition to the good feeling you get from being part of the film.

The link is    Check it out.

You can also enjoy reading the novel for GOLIAD UPRISING on this site. (The original title was ABSCONDING SIGNALS.  Start reading with the Prologue.)  The facebook pages  and  give you more information about the film.  And be sure to make friends with Ariel Loner, David Yamagata, Jordan Cann, Helen Mireau and Brian Ingram.

I’ve got a great story to tell.  I’d love for you to be in it.


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