One Week Till Cameras Roll!

A week from tonight we’ll be finishing the first day of filming GOLIAD UPRISING.  I am totally jazzed.

The story came to me because I’m frustrated by what I see happening around me: We’re so disillusioned by our politicians and the media and government and faceless corporations that when they wreak havoc or commit terrible atrocities we simply shrug it off and mutter to ourselves that there is nothing we can do about it.

It all seems so incredibly overwhelming.  How can one person possibly stop an exploitation driven media from reporting the latest unsubstantiated rumor?  How can I stop the political posturing in Washington?  How can you make a corporation take responsibility for poisoning our drinking water?

GOLIAD UPRISING is about someone filled with a passionate belief that we deserve better in our lives. She will sacrifice everything to stop the insanity.  It’s an awesome story, and I feel deeply honored people believe in me so much that they are helping me tell it.

There are 66 actors cast in GOLIAD UPRISING as of this evening.  There will be an additional forty actors who will appear in party scenes, street mobs, press conferences, and so forth.  Include the film crew, and  this is by far the biggest film I’ve ever made with the largest number of people making it possible.

There are still challenges to face before the camera rolls next Wednesday.   We’re missing a few locations. We need to gather more props, and more costumes.  The actors need time to rehearse and I need time to make a few creative decisions about the feel of the film.

Our greatest need at the moment is cash.  The funding from investors fell through.  I chose to continue making the film as a community supported project instead of letting it wallow in the investment sea of despair that drowns so many other indie filmmakers.  Waiting another year for investors is ludicrous.  The economy is tight, this film doesn’t star box office sensations, Hollywood doesn’t know my name.

The time to make this movie is now, when the world needs a hero to excite them about taking control of their future.

Please consider your tax situation this year.  You can make a tax deductible donation. GOLIAD UPRISING is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas and all donations to the project are tax deductible as allowed by law.   Go to and see how you can help us get this movie made.

We’ve received terrific support from people all over the world.  For them I am incredibly grateful and very appreciative.  They have gotten us to this point.  Now we have some major expenses in front of us that must be addressed.   Please help us keep moving forward with the film.

Thank you.   In addition to my thanks and appreciation, and the perks offered at, you will also be the source of inspiration for many, many people.

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