We’re Not Gonna Wait Anymore

GOLIAD UPRISING is alive and happening!  We’re filming in 18 days!

Okay, okay, I coulda waited for big money funding.  I coulda spent a year cultivating potential film investors and shot a movie trailer, or maybe a commercial advertising the whizbang device that’s featured in the sci-fi movie.

But I have a life to live and it’s time to make this movie.

The cast is ready and excited.  The crew is gathering our resources.   And friends are jumping on board the project to make it happen.

We need an apartment in Austin, TX we can borrow for two days of filming, a couple houses we can borrow one day each, some meals, a couple offices we can film one day each.

Do you have an old car, sitting around unused in Austin, that we could borrow for a month?  If not a car, what about a moped?  Motorized bike?  (I don’t have a car anymore–it’s in Oregon.)

If you can’t offer those things, what about two frequent flier plane tickets to bring the starring actress from LA and a starring actor from Portland to Austin?

If you don’t have a plane ticket, we could use some help covering expenses that must be paid with cash.   Your donation is tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.  (We’re sponsored by Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts organization.)

We start filming August 10th!  I will be totally thrilled to have your participation in this movie!  Check out the facebook pages and the official website as well.

Wooooo hoooooooooooo!  Here we goooooooooooo!!!!!!

Shoot me a message

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