Quick Update Late at Night

I know I left you hanging at the very beginning of the ABSCONDING SIGNALS story. I will pick up where I left off soon. The story gets very complex, and is based on the screenplay for the film we’re shooting this August in Austin, TX.

Everyone who’s read the script has loved it. I’m delighted and excited to be making the film, which will star Akie Kotabe and Shannon Lark, along with Cynthia Schiebel, Matt Burnett, Mike Justice, Peggy Mae Binn, Joann Fields, Jon Gale, Tony Bottorff, and Aaron Weisinger. And there are 35 more speaking roles to cast.

Before I say anymore about the script, I’d like you to get to know the characters. David Yamagata, Ariel Loner, Brian Ingram, Jordan Cann and Helen Mireau each have Facebook profiles. I hope you’ll friend them, and join the page for the film production company, Goliad Brain Computer Technology.

We’re creating a world for the film to live, and I’d love for you to participate.

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