Face It: We Are Fighters

Now that the focus is off the continuing nuclear leaks in Japan, our media is paying attention to the battles in Libya. Russia is comparing the NATO bombing to medieval times. US media commentators are questioning whether this is a civil war or a drive to establish democracy.

What’s the difference?

Other countries in the regions experienced partial revolution. Unlike Libya, those Powers-That-Be gave up sooner.

Though many of us mourn military action (aka: bombing, shooting, burning, destroying, raiding, and unfortunately opportunistic photographing of prisoners or deceased ‘enemies’), our country is a military nation. Ever since WWII we’ve made movies in Hollywood glorifying soldiers fighting for a ‘just cause.’ Seventy years later nearly everyone in this country has been inundated with military boosterism. By contrast, Ben Kingsley played Gandhi in 1982. How many pacifist movies have been made since then?

I’ve heard people scorning the President for launching an assault on Libya’s governing military, comparing him to his predecessor. Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter who the president of this nation is. We are going to war anytime it’s in our economic interests.

If we really want the United States to be a culture of peace loving citizens who negotiate and compromise, it means we immediately stop making violent films and video games, and in forty years we’ll see the results.

Realistically, do you think that’s going to happen? Was there something about Star Wars (the original movies) that appealed to you? Didn’t you laugh in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indiana pulls out his gun and shoots (dead) the guy with the big scimitar?

Instead of blaming our government for going to war, let’s blame Hollywood. But instead of blaming Hollywood, let’s be responsible for the fact that we bought tickets to see those movies.

We are a war-faring nation because we the people want to be.

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