It was pretty here for a couple weeks

And then the snow started melting.  And underneath this jumbo sized city slushie is a bunch of cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, and dog shit.

So New York is looking a bit gritty right now.   I understand we’re getting more snow, so the detritus will be camouflaged again soon.

Today is the beginning of the Berlin adventure.  The plane leaves in four hours, I haven’t packed, still need to write up an elevator speech, change my voice mail, and then grab a subway to a train to the monorail to the airport.

I am totally jazzed.  Had trouble sleeping a couple nights ago, because I couldn’t stop thinking about this trip to Berlinale.

Ironically I only got three hours sleep last night because I was working in Brandon Dottin’s film MONSTROUS HEART five hours past my bedtime, and then took three subways to get home.   I was thinking I was gonna be clever and start going to bed earlier to adjust for the six hour time difference between New York and Germany.  Well, forget about that.

Even though I have trouble sleeping on planes I’ll probably be in zombie land shortly after take-off because I’m so exhausted. And my voice sounds like Phyllis Diller on steroids because during last nights film shoot I roared in anguish as my demon body exploded.  All I’ve got left is little peep.

Starting Friday morning I’ll post updates from Berlinale and the Film Market.

Till then, stay warm, stroke your pussycats and remember to walk the dog.

One comment

  1. Have an amazing time….we hope Berlin is everything you expect it to be!
    Everyone is pulling for you here in Texas…
    Betty Z. and Gary in Texas

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