So Many Words, So Little Time

This trip to Texas was a blur.

I got new headshots, filmed four public service announcements, filmed fifty webisode seminars, conducted two interviews for the ABRUPT DECISION behind the scenes documentary, scheduled over 100 actors to audition for THE JEW OF MALTA in New York this coming week, drank a lot of caffeine and ate questionable food probably made mostly from by-products.

Tomorrow morning I leave for New York before sunrise and land in time to finish scheduling actors (and make all those last minute schedule adjustments) before going into three days of casting and two days of acting  in Brandon Dottin’s film MONSTROUS HEART.

Life is full.

Oh, by the way, ABRUPT DECISION premieres on Tuesday February 15th in Berlin, Germany.

While I’m there, should I wear lederhosen with my cowboy hat?



  1. Pablito, I’ve been thinking about what you should wear…nothing but a cowboy hat and a smile…well, maybe boots! heh heh

  2. Well if you do i will be on the first plane to Berlin just to check you out. Carol if he does what u say i’ll charter a plane to get there faster LOL. Any way it bloody here first the floods, not the heats not a cyclone so charting a plane to berlin will be a welcome relief.

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