What Do We Sing Now?

Now that the season of dashing through the snow, roasting chestnuts on an open fire, and the weather outside being frightful is over, we have nothing to sing about the next three months.

Oh sure, down at the farmhouse in Texas it doesn’t matter.  It’s 80 degrees and the butterflies are cavorting in the garden.   But for everybody else living north of the Hell Border Line (that’s anyplace north of Waco), we still have three months of dreary.  And nothing to sing about!

So I have some suggestions.  We need songs like:

Stompin’ thru the Sludge

I’ll Be Home till the Snowplows Come

Let’s Take Rover Out to Paint the Snow


Ninety More Days Till We See the Sun

If you don’t like those titles, we could always just move Christmas Day to the end of March. It doesn’t matter to Jesus, since he was born in the spring anyway. And this way we’d have the entire winter to anticipate Christmas!

Your thoughts?

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