Just checking in

Quick note here.  Just sayin’ hello.

I started on another script—the project I plan to shoot with Paul Kimball this summer.

Figuring out the story line this weekend. So my mind is a bit distracted as I’m working through the jigsaw puzzle of plot.   You can always tell when I’m writing because even though you’re talking, and I’m watching you talking, my eyes are somewhat glazed over and I’m mostly nodding and grunting in response.   Pity the poor fool who engages me in conversation at times like this expecting a cogent response.

I’ve also been checking weather updates from Europe every couple hours, just to see how bad it can get.  I’ll be in Berlin in about a month.  And let me tell ya’, I am totally excited to go back to the Berlin Film Festival (Berlinale, they call it) and bring them ABRUPT DECISION.   I have no idea how I’m going to stay warm while I’m there, though. Lots of layers, I suppose.

Enjoy your week.  While you’re out shopping and planning family visits and cleaning up stuff at the office, I’ll work on a really great movie for you to enjoy next year.

P.S. Before you log out of your computer tonight, click over here and add your name to my email list so I can keep you updated from Berlin.

P.P.S.  Ooooh, did you catch the interview online with Steve Callahan today?  He said he loved working with me.  That was soooo cool.


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