Snow flurries are forecast.  Temperatures will stay below 40 for the next four months. The bathroom radiator is hissing. Nearly everyone is wrapped in a scarf. New York winter has begun.

I never again heard from Marnie* and $1.27 million wasn’t transferred to my bank account. Though the whole debacle was a bust, it did introduce me to filmmaker Paul Kimball. We’re talking about working together next year. I’m looking forward to meeting and seeing what the future may hold.

I think my life is probably difficult for my loved ones to handle. There is no guarantee an opportunity will pan out, and I frequently shift from one project to another depending on which one is most promising or needs the most attention at the  moment. It’s a career of instability.

We saw a great Broadway show, the Scottsboro Boys, Friday night.  The show closes this weekend after a short two month run. As incredible as the performances were, the grim subject matter (nine boys falsely accused of rape and sentenced to death) kept audiences away. The show producers are pulling the plug. As I left the theater it occurred to me these extraordinary actors will be out of work next week.  Maybe they’ll step into another job immediately.  Maybe they will float without work for a long time.  No one knows. All of us working in this world of entertainments choose a career of uncertainty.

And opportunities pop up unexpectedly from work done or people I’ve met years ago. As my best friend Steve constantly reminds me, I have to keep faith that the universe will provide. And I do.

Now how do I get those close to me to keep the same faith?

I’m getting picture lock on ABRUPT DECISION today.  That means by the end of the night there will be no more edits on the film and it will be released to the world in this form.  I’ll then transfer the file to Dusty Cross for him to color correct all the files (to make the pictures even more gorgeous) and I’ll have the rest of December editing the soundtrack.

Silly Bunny Pictures has a new website. Check it out. I uploaded it Sunday night. See if you can find the hidden page dedicated to Jack the Garden Cat. It’s on there, but you gotta be clever to find it. The first person who finds the page will win an autographed pic of Jack.

And I’m very excited I’ll be working with Matthew Burnett and Jon Gale on a series of super short films at the end of January. A teaser of one of the scripts is here.

Jon needs a plane ticket from LA to Austin to do this shoot the last week of January. Wanna meet Jon?  Talk to me about his plane ticket.

That same week we’ll also be shooting the full webseries on filmmaking that I’ve been bringing with Short Film Texas to filmmaking groups around the country. Now instead of me going everywhere to mentor filmmakers, they can get a lot of the info online.

So that’s what I’m up to. I love what I’m doing and just taking it moment by moment at the moment.

*Marnie isn’t her real name. Since I think she’s been extremely dishonest I don’t feel the need to give her anymore attention.

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  1. Hurray! Hurray! Filmmaking is comin soon in web series, I am so greatful since I was unable to attend the Austin workshop due toa serious car accident I was in, the left side of my face is still paralyzed, vertigo,etc, lost hearing in left ear.
    SO GLAD…webseries is coming….Thankyou….
    Happy holidays, Merry Christmas..
    Can’t wait till your movie comes out and I and waiting for news on the German film festivel news also
    Betty in Ft. Worth

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