I’m Yours for 200 Miles

To reach my goal of flying 25,000 miles this year I need one more flight –just 200 miles — before the end of December.

So I’m gonna come see you.

Want a private consultation on making your indie feature?  Fly me in.

Want a private audition before I begin casting three feature films next year? Fly me in.

Want to host a private movie screening with your friends with the director present? (I’ll bring ANGORA, THEFT, AARON or ALTITUDE.)  Fly me in.

Want to catch up on old times?  Fly me in.

Air fares are cheap the first two weeks of December. Now is the time to do it. Email me:  Paul@SillyBunnyPictures.com and let’s book it.

This coming year I’m

1) premiering ABRUPT DECISION in Berlin in February, and will subsequently take it around the world until its distribution release in the fall.

2) co-producing THE JEW OF MALTA with Douglas Morse, which begins filming in May in New York.

3) directing/producing ADDIE’S HOME with Dustin Cross in Nova Scotia in June. This is a $1.5M budget feature, financed by investor groups in Canada.  (I also wrote the script and will be editing it in the fall.)

4) directing/producing ALMOST CHRISTMAS in Texas in December.  This will be my sixth film for Water Bearer Films, and it is financed by a Texas investment family.  (I’m writing the script for this one now, and looking for the five lead actors.)

Participants who take my filmmaking seminar tell me I’ve saved them thousands of dollars. Actors in New York pay hundreds of dollars to spend 15 minutes with a casting director of indie films.

You can get me for an afternoon for the price of one plane ticket from New York to your city.  (And a cup of soup for lunch would be nice.)

I only have the time to do this once, so let’s talk today and work out the logistics.

I look forward to seeing you.  🙂







  1. You’re not direct about what you want. You’re also not confident in your abilities and you don’t have enough projects going at once.

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