Rough Cut is Finished

Just a few minutes ago I made the last edit, piecing together the rough cut of ABRUPT DECISION.

This is a huge milestone in the progress of the film and I’m celebrating with a bowl of mint chocolate chip.

The current running time is 96 minutes. Over the next few days I’ll trim the edit, and probably get the film down to about 93 minutes. Kris Kimura and his great band, the KKQ, sent me music they recorded for the film yesterday and I’ll lay that into the film this coming week as well.

Tonight I also wrote my letter of accreditation to Berlinale, a necessary step toward registering to participate in the Berlin Film Festival and Market. Today is the first day letters are being accepted for the 2011 event.

It’s all coming together beautifully.

PS. I’ve got two projects in the works for 2011, both of which are really exciting. I’ll tell you more about them when contracts are signed.


  1. I am so proud of you for the complettion of this part of your movie, Paul.
    I am looking forward to the web version of how to make a movie for under $15,000. I want to make my movie, but I going to wait for the “Paul Bright” Filmmaking in a Box” so to speak!
    I know you will be accepted for the Berlin Film good luck.
    Thankyou for everything you do.
    Betty Z

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