Iconic Weekend

I don’t effuse much, but Friday night I went to a live performance of someone I saw in a movie years ago and have always wanted to see on stage, and then Saturday I had lunch with an actress I honestly never dreamed I’d get the chance to meet, let alone spend the afternoon window shopping and hanging out at her place.

After his Friday and Saturday night shows sold out, Joey Arias added a late night Friday performance which was extraordinary. You may not know who he is, but he’s been in a number of films and I first saw him in the documentary Wigstock. He’s got an incredible singing voice, I mean — a really incredible singing voice — and his stage performance was a total blast. I was so excited to be there, sitting in the second row, I never stopped beaming the entire hour and forty five minutes. And the rest of the audience was equally crazed, lots of screaming, a long, long standing ovation and two encore numbers. I mean, it was just really great.

Saturday morning with only a few hours sleep I caught the Bolt Bus down to Baltimore and Mink Stole picked me up for an afternoon of wandering around a recently gentrified hipster neighborhood. I know you know who Mink Stole is. Uh, she was (and continues to be) in John Waters’ feature films, plus she’s done a lot of other movies. We met to discuss working together on a future project of mine. The afternoon was a blast, she’s a hoot, and we hit it off terrifically.

Of course I’m never sure how casting will develop with each film, and as you probably know, I don’t even write the script till a couple months before filming, but Mink would fit in great with the rest of the crew and my ever expanding cast list.

Two performance legends in one weekend. I’m spent.

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