I’m not talking about sex.

Here’s a quick update on the film edit for ABRUPT DECISION.

I’ve broken the film into 14 sequences, plus 4 dream sequences. So far five sequences are finished, and sections of the others are done or close to done. I’m not editing in sequential order, but hopping around to different scenes when I’m in the mood to tackle them. This movie has drama, comedy and farce, so I have a wide array of themes to work with.

Currently at least 40 minutes of running time is finished. I’m targeting 90 minutes as the final running time.

Tonight I’m editing the conversation among 6 people at the pool party, which may actually be the most complex scene to put together in the whole film. I’ll probably take a break after a while and come back to it tomorrow.

In other news:

There are two film projects for next year that I’m talking to financeers to fund. Both projects are very promising at this point, and I have a lot of work the next couple weeks to nurture those fledglings out of the nest.

This Saturday I have a lunch meeting with the delightful actress, and film icon, Mink Stole. We’re meeting to discuss the possibility of working together in the future. I’m honored she’s planning to take a bit of time to chat with me.

I met three casting directors this week, from the position of being an actor. One probably didn’t think much of me, one said ‘Awesome!’ when I finished my little monologue, and the other one said I was a ‘smart’ actor and wished me well. So you know, this doesn’t immediately translate into work on other people’s projects, but they didn’t try to push me out the 12th floor window either.

Some of you have already donated to fund the world premiere of ABRUPT DECISION at the Berlin Film Festival/Market. Thank you very much for helping make this happen. Please share the links with your friends and tell them how totally cool this experience will be for me and how much it will help the film.

I’m going to be, um, really busy the next two weeks. I slightly overloaded my plate at the buffet of life’s expectations and may be slightly out of touch. Keep me posted on your world, and I’ll update you on my activities before I go back to the sneezebar for seconds.

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