Today turned rainy, and unlike LA where they are baking tortillas on the sewer manholes, we’re walking around in sweatshirts and long pants to keep away the autumn chill.

Except for a walk to the hardware store, I spent the day in the penthouse staring at the walls, puttering around Facebook and organizing my desk. It would seem to be a profoundly unproductive day to most people.

I call it ‘nesting.’

Today’s gloomy weather was a warning of what probably is heading my way: lots more gloomy weather. And cold. So before the dimly lit depression sinks in I hung house plants on the wall beside my desk, repotted some other plants, wired an air plant to a discarded license plate and mounted that above the bulletin board. I also replaced the white fluorescents in the bathroom with ‘natural sunlight’ fluorescents so I don’t look green in the morning mirror.

My mini-hibernation ends tomorrow. Two auditions and a class with a casting director. At least now when I tackle that long list of things I want to get done, I’ll be in a comfortable space.

It’s so strange to me to be going into ‘fall’ in September coming from Texas which only has two seasons: blistering and frozen. I’m not used to a transition period.

How pleasant.

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