That Loud Sucking Sound…

…on Wednesday night at 8pm EDT was me crashing and burning in front of a casting director for a major TV network.   I didn’t just tank the reading, I self-immolated beyond identification.

As my very dear friend Jane once said about an audition she had where she forgot her lines and tried to ad lib Shakespeare, I farted all over the place.

The good news is this was a class and not a real audition.

And I applied something from the laughter yoga class earlier this week: I cackled stupidly at my debacle as I walked from the class to the subway.

The other good news is that I saw another actor from the class in the subway and went to congratulate him on his really great performance, and he volunteered that I ‘captured the character’ and ‘that’s what casting directors are really looking at.’

All I know is I slaughtered the script and had to start my performance over.  Twice.   It was embarrassing.  It was disappointing.  It’s something that happens to every actor once in a while–I’d just prefer it not happen to me in front of a network casting director.

To console my wounded pride I’m eating mint chocolate chip ice cream.  Possibly the entire carton.  I’ve already consumed one bowl and am heading back to the freezer for more.

No auditions or classes are on my schedule the next four days.  Instead I’ll be editing ABRUPT DECISION.  At least that’s something I have more control over.

And how many ice cream scoops to put in the bowl.

Anyone want to join me for thirds?


  1. In looking at the film footage Steve, I’ve decided to change ABRUPT DECISION from a family drama to a children’s dog show. We’ll need to re-shoot all your scenes, this time wearing a clown outfit. Are you available next week?

  2. Paul,
    Yes, I’ll join you for thirds…fourths…but another flavor, please. Now, I seem to remember something about an actor thinking they were making a fool of themselves and a director thinking that they had something to work with…something like that from long ago! I love you!

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