Laugh, and the world thinks you’re nuts

I’m in the New York penthouse now for the season.

I bought three new fish for the aquarium, unpacked the editing computer, arranged the desk, put a bulletin board on the wall and pinned up the projects I’ve got going.

Much to do.  Much to do.

By the way, I went to a Laughter Yoga session last night.  Which was a virtual barrel of monkeys, let me tell ya’.    The leader starts out by telling us what a terrible weekend she had with out of state visitors (“They’re from New Mexico–What do they know?  Sand!”), then tells us about her new computer going berserk and the hassles she’s having getting it repaired, and concludes by bemoaning a litany of things out of her control.

We were laughing up a storm at that point.   Not.  Though it did start raining.

Anyway, I learned some breathing techniques, and ways to look like a crazy person.  Might try them out later today.  I especially like the ‘Cell Phone Laugh’ where you hold the cell phone to your ear and cackle hysterically.   Theoretically people will assume I’m talking on the phone.  I think this will be most effective underground in the subway where there is no cell phone service.

Here’s laughing with you, kid!

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