Ten Days Later Production is Finished

Yeah, I know I said the last day of filming ABRUPT DECISION was August 18th.  Everybody believed me.  The actors went home.  The film crew packed up the truck and drove away. The house we borrowed sat deserted.   Except for all the stuff in it.

Chris and I spent the past ten days returning things to people we borrowed from.

Everything is finally finished.  The last job was repainting a wall in the borrowed house that we managed to malign during the clean-up process. I returned the house key to the owner early this morning.

Finally it’s a wrap.

I found out this week ABRUPT DECISION is already listed on IMDb.com.  This is a much earlier listing than my previous films thanks to some great advice I got from Rodney Johnson. In fact he’s given me a lot of terrific advice this past month that made the ABRUPT shoot even easier.

Over at the farmhouse last week I rebuilt the front porch, this time with heavy duty treated deck lumber (so I won’t have to rebuild the porch again for a couple years).   Today I replaced the fixture in the bathtub/shower that had been building a steady trickle.  Tomorrow I’ll climb back into the attic to replace the ancient wiring.  (Remember that electric problem four weeks ago? I’m going to avoid the house igniting this winter by taking care of it once and for all.)

My flight to the New York penthouse is early Sunday morning.  These repairs and a couple others are necessary now since I don’t plan to return to the farm till the holidays.  I want to make sure everything is secure for the fall and early winter.

Also coming up this week I have a gig playing a chanting monk that rehearses in San Antonio Tuesday night and performs Wednesday mid-day.  I’m giving another Make Your Movie for $15K seminar Wednesday night in Austin.  And my last performance with Capital City Mystery Theater is Saturday night.

Don’t be a stranger.  Drop in on the seminar Wednesday or come to the show Saturday evening.  I’d invite you to the monk thing, but I’m a little unclear on what exactly I’m doing. (Chanting?  Walking in circles?  Going celibate?—Ha!  Fat chance.)

I’ll tell you all about it later this week.

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