Day Nine: At the Hospital

Turns out nearly everyone was running late this morning.

We finally settled in and started filming the hospital room scenes at 9:30 with Steve Callahan, David La Duca, Cynthia Schiebel, Joann Fields, David Harper and Mary Anzalone.

I was originally planning to use a room at the old local hospital that was the only room that still looked like a hospital room.  It’s full of stored equipment and issues arose yesterday regarding where to put all the stuff while we filmed.   When I couldn’t resolve the problem last night before everyone went home and offices closed,  Chris Ritecz and I set to work creating a hospital room at the house we’re borrowing.

I think we pulled it off.

We then went to the old hospital building this afternoon for scenes in a hallway.   I’ll be  intercutting the hallway scenes and the room scenes so it’s unlikely anyone (except you) will know that we faked it.  We were careful to frame out areas in the room where equipment would be (like IV drips, etc). Medical pro’s will know the difference, but we did what we could given the situation.

It was a short day.  We finished by 3 and started prepping for our final day of shooting tomorrow.

I’ll let you know how it goes tomorrow night.

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