Day 8: Out on the Range

I’m running late for today’s shoot so I’ll make this brief.

Yesterday was 104 degrees and we were outside at the dog rescue ranch from 7am till 1pm. I got an even sunburn. Today I have a healthy neon glow.

The shoot went great. Lots of doggies.

Peggy Mae Binn, Steve Callahan and David La Duca had an incredibly moving scene that made me cry as I watched it through the monitor.

I can’t tell you how incredible it feels to write this material and have actors fool me into believing it’s real.

And now I’ve gotta run to Walmart, and pick up our star dog for a shoot that begins in 50 minutes. We had to make an adjustment to the location for today because the location I thought I had secured I hadn’t and it was just getting way too complicated yesterday afternoon as I tried to sort it out. Chris and I rigged up a replacement set (the hospital room) for Cynthia Schiebel to do her scenes. I think we’ll pull it off.

I’ll tell you about it tomorrow.

Oh, and I almost forgot, yesterday morning our executive producers, Steve and Steve, made another incredible donation to keep us rolling. I can’t thank them enough.

Oh, look: here’s the link for you to donate:

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