Day Seven: Page 90

Page 90 is the turning point in a script when the hero has finally figured out how to save the day and simply has to follow the steps to get it done. In action movies this is the part with lots of explosions and gunfire.

We hit page 90 in film production yesterday afternoon. When we wrapped at 4:45 we had completed all the scenes inside the house and garage, and nearly all the heavy dialogue between Denis and Milosz.

We still have three days of filming, and some very crucial scenes to cover on the ranch, at the hospital and a few other locations, but now that we’ve come this far there is no turning back. The movie is so close to finished. The style and tone is set in stone. The mood and feel is irreversible. All we have left to do is finish up.

It’s a joyous moment of sadness. A year of dreaming about what this movie will be is finalized. All the questions I had and decisions I’ve made are played out.

For the first time in two weeks I slept more than four hours last night. It was a good sleep. I woke dreaming that my old employer asked me to come back to the job and fix everything that had gone wrong since I left. Till now the dreams about that place were nightmares, but this was a Cinderella fantasy.

I think the dream was giving me closure.

Three weeks from today I fly to New York to start the next phase of life and won’t return to Texas till Thanksgiving. The country house needs some plumbing and electrical work, the movie shoot needs to be finished, all the props returned, people need to be paid, and digital files need to be rendered.

At this point, all I have left to do is finish up.

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