Day Six: One Pound is a Heavy Burden

We filmed at the city animal pound today and got some incredible footage.  Steve Callahan and Jackie Lies had six scenes together at that location.  They were really terrific, right on the money for each scene.

The dogs at the shelter really took center stage though.  As the cast and crew started looking around they realized more intensely what the movie is really about.  A guy rescuing dogs from a government operated animal facility similar to our filming location that struggles with budget cuts and overpopulation issues.

I would love to put in the film’s end title credits that all the dogs at this facility in the film found good homes.  The harsh reality is that some of them won’t live that long.

You can see pictures of the dogs we filmed here.

We have four more days to film and we’ve run out of cash.  This movie is important. It will change many people’s attitudes and motivate them to adopt dogs just like these in the film.   Please help us finish the movie with a donation.

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