Day Four: It’s all about the dogs

Wednesday started out on the Courthouse Square with a small political rally that led to our hero’s partner hooking up with a trick in the bushes.  It’s a great little scene that gives some background to the relationship between our hero, Denis, and his long-term partner, Milosz.     David La Duca (Milosz) and Matthew Charles Burnett (the trick) were hot in the bushes scene. Literally.  It’s over 100 degrees right now.   The cast is sweating buckets.

After lunch we moved into the borrowed house for scenes with David and Steve Callahan (Denis) and six dogs that are the scene stealers of the movie.  Be sure to check out the Facebook page for ABRUPT DECISION and I’ll post lots of pictures Steve took with the puppies.  Very adorable.

There’s a scene in the film with Milosz comforting Denis as he confronts a deeply emotional loss in his life.    We shot it from multiple angles and each time through I started crying.  Even though I wrote the scene they still made me choke up.  Patrick on sound was dabbing away tears.  David and Steve were extraordinary.

It was a long day, especially for the crew members, who were packing up last night at 11:30.

We’ll be back in the house filming in the bedroom all afternoon and evening today.  I’ll update you tomorrow.

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  1. Got to love that Texas heat … and I am sure with that scene it got a whole lot hotter 😉

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