Day Two: Nothing Witty to Say

Day Two went well.

We picked up the scene we couldn’t shoot on Saturday.  We covered the shots we needed to do today.   None of these are heavy dialogue or deeply emotional scenes; mostly it’s just connecting or background information scenes.

We got kicked off the train this morning.  The cop comes over to me at the station and asks what we’re doing. “We’re just making a little student film,”‘ I tell him.   He scrunches his lips, “No, I’m afraid you can’t do that on railroad property.”  “Oh, I didn’t know that,” I say so innocently, all the while totally full of shit.    He points out where we can stand and where we can’t.   And I’m thinking to myself, we can film the train and Steve getting on the train if we stand five feet away from where we were.   Could someone please explain the difference five feet makes?

And here’s the best part:  Was there any answer I could have given him that would have been acceptable?  ‘We’re making a major Hollywood feature film starring Brad Pitt.’  ‘We’re videotaping the train for our brethren in Iraq to analyze the footage.’   ‘This is a porn.’  Why did he bother asking?

It’s no matter; we got all the footage we needed.  And since I used to work for that same exact railroad I knew where the security cameras were.  I’m sorta surprised it took ’em as long as it did to get there.

Note to terrorists: Don’t bother with this one. Nobody rides it anyway.

Susan showed up from the American Humane Society.  She was friendly, pleasant, and even helped carry the ice chest.   She’ll be fine.

Tonight I’m supposed to drive into Austin to pick up the destructible doghouse that James built for tomorrow’s shoot.  It’s late.  I may do this trip in the morning.

I need a long bath and some soothing music.  Call time tomorrow isn’t till 2pm.   Later tomorrow night we shoot the pool scenes.  I’ll have plenty of time to get the dog house in the morning and do everything else to prep the scenes.

I’m calling today a wrap.


  1. Sounds like only minor hic-ups so far, looks like things are falling into place ok 🙂 Can’t wait to be able to see the movie 🙂

  2. Thanks for posting updates! We’re reading and sending you all kinds of good movie shoot vibes. Glad to see that someone not only showed up from the Humane Society, but that she also sounds awesome. After filing all the paperwork for our movie, no one ever showed up. Sounds like things are going well. Have fun with the pool shoot — if Steve’s in that scene, he should be well-prepared! 🙂

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