It was all over Friday morning

Denis arrived at work Friday morning, briefcase in one hand and breakfast tacos for his co-workers in his other hand, then walked out the door fifteen minutes later empty handed.  After 11 years of devotion to his career job, he was fired.

He was stunned.  He had no idea what the past 11 years of work, and the years before that of training, had meant. He stood on the sidewalk, watching the cars push through traffic, and simply had no idea what to do next.

The film is called ABRUPT DECISION.  It stars Steve Callahan (Role/Play, Pornography, Nine Lives) and David LaDuca (Theft, The Wannabees Starring Savvy).   The first day of filming is tomorrow, Saturday August 7th.

I’m asking for your help to make this film.  We do not have all the funds needed to finish the film shoot.  We will run out of money before the next ten days is over, and the momentum and excitement of this production will be lost without your help.

Please go to this link and donate. It’s a tax deductible donation and we will email you a receipt immediately.

The actors all arrive in Austin today.  The crew has loaded the truck with equipment.  We’ve purchased the hard drives required for the shoot, borrowed sixty costumes, borrowed and completely redecorated a friend’s empty house, bought food for the weekend, negotiated permission to film eight other locations in the film.   The film is ready to roll.

What we need now is you.   The online fundraising campaign expires tonight at midnight. Tonight is the cut-off.

Please donate today.

Thank you.


PS.  Wanna know how the movie ends?   I’ll tell you because you should know:  Denis finds out that the dogs at the local animal shelter are being killed because the city can’t afford to feed them.  He puts everything he has on the line by rescuing, feeding, housing, providing vaccinations, and spaying/neutering the dogs.  He finds a new mission in life by bring these dogs to animal stores to be adopted and by taking other dogs into the local hospitals to comfort patients as they heal.

Don’t let this movie die unfinished.  Every dollar is important.  Donate here:

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