Small town life

Charlie picked me up at the Austin airport Saturday morning and we drove back to the farmhouse.

Not much has changed.  The cats are a bit fatter.  The sparrows aren’t as active because of the heat.  The anoles have returned to the front porch.

Other than that, it looks just like it did when I left.  No tar balls falling from the sky.    Yet.

Meanwhile I’ve started the final preparations for shooting ABRUPT DECISION. We’re less than four weeks from the start and everything is coming together well.   I leave for Austin in a couple minutes to interview actors to fill the remaining roles, and look for a few other locations to film a few scenes.

The lead actors, David LaDuca and Steve Callahan, have started working on the script and developing their characters.

I’ve bought plane tickets and train tickets and reserved motel rooms.

Everything is good to go.

Except how to pay for it.

See that little box on the right side of the screen, with Steve’s picture on it?   Go ahead: click it.

See what happens.

I need some support here.

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