I Need a Kick in the Pants

So I’m sure you’ve seen all the activity in the past two days to ask for donations to make the next movie, ABRUPT DECISION.  You’ve seen Steve and David’s pictures on Facebook.  You’ve read about the story.  You heard me speak my mind about the reality of film distribution in the future.

I need your help. Really.  Whip out that debit or credit card.  Five bucks, ten, twenty.  Sponsor some costumes, buy a dinner, become the Executive Producer.  Whatever you can do will make a HUGE HUMONGOUS PHENOMENAL difference.

Here’s the thing: If you give this movie a kick in the right direction, others will get in the mood and jump on board.  It’s great that we got a dinner sponsor within the first couple of minutes yesterday after posting the information.  And I’ve thanked the contributor repeatedly.

Are you gonna let him be the lone radical putting his money on this dark horse?

Make my day.

Take the plunge.

Live life on the wild side.

Do I need to give you any more bad analogies?

Look at that handsome face. Doesn’t Steve look adorable, vulnerable, and incredibly soothing?   If you don’t do it for me, do it for Steve.

Click Here.  It won’t hurt.

Shoot me a message

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