I Missed the Queen

She was here today, visiting with the folks at the UN and laying a wreath at the construction site for a new high rise.  I knew she was coming.  I just didn’t get out in time to see her.

I could blame it on the heat.  It’s hot. It’s muggy.  The penthouse goldfish are sweating, begging me to drop ice cubes in their desktop aquarium.  “It’s gonna be like this all summer, fishies. Get used to it.”   Not that it matters to me because I won’t be here.  I return to Texas on Saturday for two more months of the stage show I’m working and to film the next feature.And we all know it never goes above 90 degrees in Texas.

But still, I would have liked to have seen the queen.  She hasn’t been here since 1957 and who knows when she’ll get back.  I don’t anticipate her dropping into Austin any time soon.

I mentioned missing the queen to someone on the subway this afternoon and he assured me there were plenty of other queens to see in New York.

He was right; I saw at least fifty of them on Eighth Avenue.

Royalty is so overblown.

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