Come out of the Closet

Last year the state of Washington passed a law granting domestic partner benefits.  Some of the residents of Washington didn’t like that idea and they signed a petition to get a measure on the ballot to rescind the law.

Well those radical demon godless homosexuals wanted to publish the names of the people who signed the petition. And I’m delighted to hear the Supreme Court  ruled today it is completely legal.

“WHAT?” the petitioners are howling.   “We could be harassed.  We could be targeted.  We could be persecuted.   Oh nooooooo!”

Isn’t this a surprising turn of events. The socially conservative are claiming they are the ones who are persecuted and should be protected by the law.

Welcome to our world.

Maybe they’ll learn from this experience how discrimination feels.

One comment

  1. No, they won’t. Some people just can’t learn. They can parrot what they’ve heard others say and begin to believe it as truth. But think for themselves and learn? Not in any lifetime!

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