Slimey Politics

Charlie and I have this ongoing fight, er, discussion about whether there’s a difference between Democrat politicians and Republican politicians.

I’ll concede that anyone who runs for office is probably an egomaniac and may well have sold his or her soul to get elected.

But we gotta face the facts.  The Republican Party would not be attempting to end Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, they wouldn’t give domestic partner benefits to federal employees, and they wouldn’t have allowed Washington DC to legalize marriage between two guys. We’re getting these changes because the Democrats hold the majority at the moment.

Here’s the Texas Republican Party Platform for 2010. Read pages 6 and 7. They want Congress to override the Supreme Court decision legalizing sodomy, charge government employees with a felony for issuing a same sex marriage license, deny child custody to gays,  stop all political action to garner gay rights because when Republicans object to these rights it ‘marginalizes as bigots anyone who dissents.’

No shit, Sherlock.

Politics is a game, and the players often may not care about the pawns (you and me).  But some empires are far more dangerous than others.

This sort of rhetoric is exactly what elected Hitler. Really.

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