Group Love at the Penthouse

Apparently somebody searched for ‘group love at the penthouse’ and the search engine sent them to this blog.

I’d just like to share that I love you all individually. I hadn’t thought of getting you together as a group, but if I plan an orgie I’ll let you know.

It’s a mellow day here in humid country. The cats are asleep on their backs, mimicking beached whales.  I’m working on the script.

Remember the script?   Yeah, I’m still tinkering.  We’re filming in six weeks. It’s gonna be awesome. My best movie yet.

One comment

  1. I heard a review of an indie film on TV yesterday. The reviewer liked the movie and said, “If you get the chance, watch an indie film. It is like a treasure hunt! You just might find a gem!” I naturally thought of my talented friend, Pablito!

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