Not Tonight, Dear

2 Jun

I have a headache.

More like a full-on all-over body ache.  Tuckered to the max. It’s been a long day.

Saw that cute guy from Sundance on the Governor’s Island ferry again this morning. He introduced me to a ‘dramaturge’ who turned out to be really interesting.  She and I talked fifteen minutes and then exchanged emails. We plan to get together when I return to New York in July.

I gotta ask, though, would you really want to be a ‘dramaturge?’  It sounds dreadful.  Like a professional funeral mourner or something.

Since I teach filmmaking, I guess I’m a cinematurge, movieturge, filmturge, motion mediaturge?

It’s late. I’m taking my turgid butt to bed.  I recommend you do the same.


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