‘Frieze’ is not pronounced ‘freeze.’

So I’m helping this group of artists install an exhibit on Governor’s Island today and they are talking about putting in a ‘frez.’  And I’m thinking, I have no idea what a frez is; it’s probably some sort of new art technique or sculpture or something and I’m too ignet to know any better. I kept my mouth shut.

A lot of the artists and curators are originally from other countries and their accents combined with my lousy hearing means that I’m not always getting what they’re saying.  I just nod and smile when in doubt.

So anyway, we start attaching plaster molded objects around the walls near the ceiling and this is what they’re calling a ‘frez.’

It’s a ‘freeze’ in the rest of the country.  I even looked it up in the dictionary.

No matter what they call it, the frieze is really cool.  It’s Alan Michelson’s work and I’m he is really a neat guy.  Part Mohawk.  The stories he told about his grandmother were a hoot.

Tonight I did a monologue thingy for another casting director. The way that theater works here (I’m learning) is that a lot of shows hire famous people to be the leads, and then they fill the empty roles with actors who do A LOT of New York theater, grew up here, and know everybody and their mother.

I don’t know everybody yet, but I’m working on meeting their mothers.  I love older women.

Oh, and I forgot to mention there were these three guys I saw getting on the ferry this morning. And we made a little eye contact. One of them was really cute.  While I was waiting for the return ferry this afternoon here they come.  And I start talking to the cute one. Turns out he’s from Sundance.  They have this screenplay lab that they’re doing in New York this year (usually it’s in Utah) where they have actors work with original screenplays and the authors do rewrites and such for three weeks.  Who knew? I thought it was just a film festival.

He’s going to be on the island all next week.

Guess I’ll be going back…

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