Winter Ended at 8am

Winter ended this morning at 8 o’clock when the thermometer hit 90.

I’m here just in time for the steam bake. At least in New York they have four seasons. In Texas we have only two seasons: Arctic Blast and Blast Furnace. And there are only two weather conditions: Drought and Flood. Though I think this summer we’ll have a third weather condition: Tar Balls. That first hurricane this summer is going to be a real eye opener, let me tell ya’.

I met the daughter of a friend of a friend for lunch today and she was a wealth of information and connections to the New York entertainment industry. Lunch was great, but my burger and her salad set me back almost forty bucks. I’m told the food is so expensive because they have to truck it in. And I’m thinking, they have to truck the food in everywhere.

Hamburgers don’t grow on trees in Texas and they don’t cost thirteen dollars. It’s not like they’re butchering the cow in the McDonald’s parking lot.

Made a few more connections this afternoon, then had a basic meltdown.

It’s like the tourists who go to Milan and get so overwhelmed by the extraordinary art work that they wind up in the hospital with exhaustion. There is so much to learn about how things are done here that my synapses went into total shut down. Like a Martian Rover, I’m in safe mode.

Got home. Ate ice cream. Walked barefoot to the park by the East River in my swim trunks and thought about nothing.

Tomorrow I’m helping install an art exhibit on Governor’s Island. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Oh, and uh, script?  What script?

One comment

  1. ….”YES!! what ever happened to the good olde days when we went from Winter to Spring to Summer in a gradual temp change??” Don’t tell me there is no such thing as Global warming!! I don’t ever remember when temperatures changes were so drastic, one day its warm and beautiful and the next is Cold, Damp, Frigid and Rainy. I think Mother Nature is getting her wires crossed!!!

    Ice Cream??? Finally you got some!!! YEAH!!! Hey be careful Paul, you won’t be able to get into those leathers!!! (devilish grin and I should talk!)

    Have a great Memorial Day Holiday Weekend!!

    In Brotherhood

    Marc or “SIR” Marc

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