Welcome to Posts From the Second Floor Penthouse

I’m delighted you’ve joined me.


  1. Morning Paul, hey talking about mid-life crisis issues, how about several gay naked men, lying at the naked beach down on Sandy Hook NJ, in the background you hear the ocean and these guys have met here to enjoy the sun, the other naked men, and to talk about their mid life crisis issues. Being 55 years of age myself Paul, yes I think I understand the mid-life crisis issue….reflecting back on one’s life, looking forward to the future for whatever length that is going to be!! And how do you convey these issues to an audience and hold their attendtion. Hey think of the movie 3 Wives Club!!!! Hey we’re all glad you’re here in New York!!

    Yes memorizing scripts and writing them, years ago it was so easy to do….now….OY!!!

    As for a good meal!!! Hmmmmmm I know of some really nice places in the Village, Paul!! Now…..”put on your pants and get to work!” 🙂 Marc H.

  2. Hey Paulie – just found your blog – always love reading your thoughts. I especially like how you honor your Texas roots…I don’t mind you getting all that wonderful enlightenment in NYC but remember how much we love you here.

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