Pocket Mouse Protector!

Help Paul make his campy gay screwball comedy!

Help Paul Make a Screwball Comedy

Screwball comedies got me through lockdown. I don’t know if laughter is the best medicine but it definitely helps. And we all need a lot of laughter right now.

With all the medical talk in the news, I was like, what if a pill made guys gay? It’s so silly it should be a campy gay comedy!

With your help it will be! Check out our GoFundMe page.

I’m filming Pocket Mouse Protector  in June. It’s got everything a gay screwball movie should have: a car crash, mixed up identities, a pie in the face, and sex!

In the movie our hero attempts to get up the courage to save one of the last remaining endangered colonies of Pocket Mice from a resort hotel bulldozer by using an experimental drug for virility that has an unexpected side effect.

Will you help me realize my dream movie by contributing? Your help gets airplane tickets to fly David McMahon to Oregon, feeds the cast, gets morning coffee so everyone is alert and peppy, gives everybody a stipend for their expenses, buys props and costumes, and hires musicians to record the the soundtrack.

When you contribute at least $10 to GoFundMe I’ll send you a digital copy of my uncensored director’s cut of Pocket Mouse Protector . I won’t release this version to Netflix or Amazon – but you will own it to enjoy as often as you like.

By pitching in what you can to the Pocket Mouse Protector movie you’re making my fantasy screwball dream come true. Thank you!